“ Our aim is to encourage our clients to live as productive and fruitful lives to the best of their ability ”

Live-in care:

This would include mainly:

1. Support with personal care and grooming
2. Meal preparation
3. Support with access to community recreational facilities
4. Shopping for groceries and other personal items
5. Support with correspondence and personal administrative chores, bills etc
6. Supervising medication
7. Light gardening and housework
8. Accompanying clients on holiday

Cost: Starts at £750 depending on the assessment of needs

Escorts and Sit-ins £15.00 per hour

Domestic Care £10.00 per hour

Personal Care £9.00 for ½ hr, £12.00 for 3/4hr and £15.00 for 1hr

Bank Holidays are charged at double the normal rate

Sleep-in £75.00 per night

Waking Nights £150.00 per night

Live-in £130.00 per day (24hr period)

Holiday escorts will incur staff transport costs plus the live-in cost per day.